Every storyteller needs a way in - a perspective, a point of view. Mine is a never ending search for authenticity. As a director I have two goals: 1- To find the truth of the moment in the story and the best way to tell that truth with artistry. And 2- To create a safe and inspiring space for people to do their best work. I believe that when you break down the walls we often hide behind and chip away the bullshit that makes it untruthful, short sighted, or self indulgent, that's where the magic happens. That's when your audience starts to see their own stories reflected in your work. That's when hearts and lives are changed.

I tell stories to help create a more empathetic world.

Amber Paige McGinnis (formerly Amber Jackson) is a freelance theatre and film artist from North Carolina who lives in the Washington DC metro area. She is a director, writer, and producer who enjoys hiking, road tripping, red cowboy boots, her pitbull Murphy, and long conversations by the fire where she can ask you intensely personal questions.